Dumball 2020 Manual

Ladies and Gentlemen of the 2020 Dumball.  

Please download your all important drivers manual by clicking here:


Please note: up until we meet at the Galeria Reforma hotel on Saturday 18th Jan: it’s a work in progress! So keep visiting this page for an updated copy, and don’t worry about printing it out: you’ll be presented with your very own bound copy when we see you.

The manual distills pretty much everything there is to know about this year’s Dumball. Take note of the ‘what to bring’ section and then enjoy our route walkthroughs. As the book points out: our route has been chosen by professional organisers on the ground in Mexico. It takes in the best roads, the best overnights, and is optimised for your safety. That said: take heed of all the advice we have to offer, remember to bring your brain and leave your twat hats at home. (Are those a thing? They are now.)

If you have any questions, please get in touch. In the meantime, our team in Mexico City are putting the finishing touches to your Beetles and the Mariachi band are warming up for your arrival.

We’ll be back in touch very soon: in the meantime… enjoy.

V5  FINAL PRINT – uploaded 11.01.20  [updated team names, activity details added pointless diagram of a Beetle]. 

V4 – uploaded 06.01.20  [updated tourist card info , print one first people! ability to buy roof racks for $50 at start -updated team names]. 

V3 – uploaded 02.01.20  [updated details of opening event in Mexico city and added more detail on getting rid of the cars  – NOTE some major changes of plan!]. 

V2 – uploaded 30.12.19  [updated team names and drivers. Details to be added: car park location in Mexico City. Some lunch stops to be updated]

V1 – uploaded 27.12.19  [Details to be added: car park location in Mexico City. Some lunch stops to be updated]