So we’re back on the road and cruising down to our overnight ferry to Italy. Have you noticed how i only blog from the back of the car and not while actually sat on the beach?

A very unusual dumball day- we’ve just set off at 7pm after spending the day sleeping, playing pool polo and having a beach volleyball tournament a few hundred meters down the beach from where we did in 2006. It’s a short (4 hour) across good motorways so we made the most of our plush greek resort and revitalised mind, body and soul.

Now, there is a road over the top over Mt Olympus. Our sat nav said it was one hour, others said 5 hours, it wasn’t in the maps, and the locals said it would be 10 hours. So, given that we’ve just driven over some of europes most amazing mountain roads, we figured a little r&r was called for rather than leaving earlier. Some cars did brave it, and i’ll be very interested to know if they saw any gods up there. Shame to miss a good road, but it was a nice beach.

In fact we’ve just heard- they didn’t make it over and had to turn back. I think that means they didn’t take the road over the top but we’ll find out later…

I’ve swapped cars for a quick jaunt in dumball one and am enjoying a little bit of magic up front. Watching a little bit of Extras, planning a rousing final leg speech and preparing to accept hundreds of stupid photos from everyones challenges. Looking forward to those!

Oh- better slow down, just saw a sign the said ‘Attention danger. Bears habitat.’

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