Dumball 2009

3 hours until our visas run out…

Wow. Well, we’re back on the road again, after spending less than 12 hours in St. Petersburg.

We eventually arrived at the hotel at 8am, having spent 20 hours on the road. The advance parties had secured us a 2pm check out and were all waiting for us, so we had a quick celebratory beer with breakfast and hit the hay for a few hours zs.

It would obviously be stupid to leave without having a little look around russia, so the departure was pushed back to an unpresidented 6pm. All we have left to do now is get the hell off russian roads and collapse into the welcoming arms of the EU.

So we spent the afternoon experiencing many weird and wonderful forms of transport, namely walking and the metro.

St P is a beautiful city, but the pictures on my phone don’t do it justice. And I expect like many in Russia, it is a mental place and a ‘fine’ place – a number of the group got done for taking photos in the underground.

We had a lovely meal and classic dishes- borsht: sour and lamby (prefer mine) and beef stroganof (i know i can’t spel): creamy and rich (spectacular).

We’ve just heard the may still be a massive wait at the border, but that doesn’t bother up as (perhaps stupidly…) we are assuming that we won’t actually have any admin problems this time, and Helsinki isn’t going anywhere. More to the point, neither are we once we get there…

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