All Hail George Bush

So, where was i? Oh yes, fruity…
Let me start by relaying a message from Lord Horn i received earlier today (tuesday?): 3500ft up in mountains between montnegro n kosovo, had a huge Adam moment. The boy woulda liked this!
He sure would. Today’s drive was absolutely incredible.
So, the montenegro hotel was a massive downgrade from the decidedly dodgy one that we had originally booked, and of course finding it without any maps was a lot of fun. They held our passports for a good couple of hours this morning while the transfered money was transfered on the third hotel but we got there in the end and squeezed a bit of a rebate out of them to make up for the cockroaches… Which was promptly spent no bubbly for those lucky dumballers having a birthday this week.
But the real story for today was the drive- oh my f-ing g. Montenegro really should shout more about it’s scenery. There’s no way this phone or any pictures do it justice, but the drive over the mountains was simply stunning. We peaked at over 5000ft surrounded by nothing but rugged peaks and the occasional cow, many hours from any form of civillisation, stopping regulary to tend to either boiling radiators or red hot brakes. What superlative haven’t i used yet? Mind-boggling.
Eventually we reached the border for the day- the UN administered state of kosovo. We’ve been trying all day to work out how an unrecognised state works exactly… And it doesn’t. The road from mne to pristina was about 100km but far bumpier that any before, and completely unfinished so it took hours at 20mph. Insane.
Pristina is mental. So much so that they have imposed a curfew and the town is shut down at midnight, pubs, clubs and all. But we persuaded grand hotel to let us have a lock-in and we got most of our kosovan cultural fix from the hotel bar.
That’s enough for now. Tomorrow- the EU! —

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