Dumball 2016

And now for something completely different…

And not housecleaning. Houseboating!

Half way to Kochi we’ve stopped off in Allepy for a spot of messing about on the river. Certainly a bit of a change and some welcome stunning scenes.

The Keralan houseboat – the Kuttuvallam – is a bit of an institution. Traditionally used for transportation of people and good such as rice, now they are largely used for tourism. They’re constructed with all natural materials, wood, bamboo and coir roaps, coated and waterproofed with boiled cashew kernels.

Now, mainly due to time, this kind of cutural excursion on the dumball is unheard of, but give 40 hot, sweaty, tired dumballers the ‘afternoon off’ to muck about on a boat and the first thing many of them want to do is sleep!

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