And then there was one…

Just Ecto1 left now. The cars have been handed over to the Ukrainian


The monkey returned after extensive facial reconstruction surgery.

Everyone saw in sunrise after the epic final party which was a huge

success – and we announced that we had raised over £82,000 for the

Teenage Cancer Trust. Brilliant! An amazing feat, made possible by

you. It’s not too late to donate- head to http://dumball.org/totaliser

and click on your favourite team to donate. Every penny you give goes

direct to TCT, and young adults in their specialists units everywhere

thank you.

Most dumballers are either on a plane back to blighty or off to Odessa

central for a final night in Ukraine. A few stay on, a few drive back.

But this bit’s not in the manual, and the dumball is officially over

for another year. This was a huge dumball.

dumball one, over and out.

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