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Are you putting the ‘Fun’ into Fundraising?!

With only 11 – yes just 11! – sleeps until Dumball (hooray! And aaaaargh!) your fundraising efforts should be in full swing by now, and if not, well, why on earth not?! You are running out of time! Here at Dumball towers we have been picking up on some fantastic money spinning endeavours, and we are flipping impressed I can tell you. There have been Family Fun Days, Vintage Tea Parties, a fancy dress Beach Party, classic car rallies, bake sales, BBQs, incredible raffles, a chip-tastic casino night, pub quizzes, car boot sales, waxing (yowzers, hats off to that man!) and a truckload of juicy sponsorship.

You name it, someone on the Dumball is probably doing it. Make sure you’ve got your own fundraising stories to tell as we wend our merry way across Europe for what could be one final time.


I (Jenko) am diligently manning the Dumball fundraising forum and on hand with last minute advice and ideas should anyone need it, just give me a shout at katie@dumball.org. Honestly, you’d be amazed what can be achieved in the time we have left so do call on me if you need a boost. Among other things, I am now an expert in organising a workplace raffle, don’t you know (the secret is to stand there awkwardly until people buy a ticket or 5. Or you could try charm. It is vastly easier than asking for sponsorship though – people love a competition!)


As every veteran Dumball fundraiser will vouch, there really is no better feeling than knowing you have raised money, whatever the amount, to help young people fight cancer. It’s what we’re all about, and when that final total is announced at the closing party, it’s a huge, completely legal and 100% healthy natural high. Don’t miss out by not fulfilling your fundraising potential. They don’t call it FUNdraising for nothing!

The totaliser is virtually tickling £100K (which, by the way, is AMAZING! Well done gang!) “Just” another £80K and we will have raised a cool million for good causes over the years. Which basically means we need to redouble our efforts…



See you in Margate, TCT troopers! I’ll ignore anyone who hasn’t raised a grand though (I won’t, but c’mon yeah?)

Jenko x


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