These views never get old. Nor does 50 ‘ballers doing busted jump in front of nature’s finest, but you’ll have to wait for colin’s pics for that. Speaking of which, he is getting old. He was 40 this year you know 😉

The earlier estimate of a third is proving to be correct, there may be a little more night driving than we hoped for! Currently driving through the Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria, soon (in dumball terms) to drop down into slovenia and onto Croatia- if we don’t get there by 11 I owe the TCT 20 quid. If we do, Rick does. So they don’t miss out either way.

Speaking of which, how the fundraising going? Why take a small moment to pop over www.dumball.org to see exactly where we (or Zubel’s phone anyway) currently are and click ‘sponsor a dumballer’ and chuck some cash at your dumbest team. Ignore the totaliser on the vmg page- we’ve raised loads more than that! Stay dumb!

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