A wet night and an emotional day.
After the ferry we started driving towards huge fork lightening in the distance. A little worrying in a car with no wipers… We thought spectrum had it bad in our squad until blow the doors off took things a little bit literally and actually removed both their front doors. Shortly before the heavens unleashed and almighty doorpour which saw even the crazy italians stopping on the hard shoulder as visibilty reduced to zero and golfball sized raindrops battered the roofs of our cars. A couple of hours of that with no doors must have been pretty intense.
Palermo was an excellent introduction to true Italian driving skills and squads took some ‘interesting’ routes into the plush hotel. The Genoardo Park is a very nice hotel, more at home to exclusive weddings than 100 idiots wearing jumpsuits and freddy mercury costumes. A welcome party at the hotel was most called for and finally everyone right foot could take a rest. 2800 miles, 14 countries (if you took a couple of detours) and some very sweaty people.
Nothing lasts for long on the dumball though and we had to set off this morning to dispatch the cars- italy being rather dead on a sunday. So we headed to a scrap yard and in return for a generous donation to the TCT, they took about 20 cars off our hands and proceeded to show off with their machines, building little piles of dumball history. It was a smashing day. Crushing for some.
Just the aware ceremony to go. I can now reveal the location check out seaclub.info and start planning you car for next year.

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