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Day two: Convoys and Car parks

So Day one dip was actually on day two…. Day one was in the UK!

Dumballing for 12 years we’ve learned a few things… one of them is that sometimes its handy to bring you own bar – Team Teenage Cancer Trust sorted us out last night, as there was a wedding at the hotel which took over the restaurant and bar. We found what looked like the brides shoe tied to our car in the morning.

Something we learned a long time ago had to be un-learned. Frank Smalley, dumball veteran, is one of those select few oddballs who come on the dumball but can’t actually drive. That changed earlier this year and yesterday he took the helm of the Arrrrrg! pirate ship and did his first dumball drive! Look at his happy little face….

In Orange Squad (this is Luke and Rebs of team Dibby Dibby writing most of the blog, btw), we had most of the Yellow Squad joining us for most of the day, taking up to 11 cars. Years of experience meant keeping 11 cars in line was a breeze but we learned something new too – it takes 11 cars to fill a round about (and a drone to get a good shot of it).

Of course, somethings never change…. It is unlikely Dumball One will ever where sun cream on day one. And of course, it’s often too late by day two…

Car count? We lost a car in the UK. Not the first time that’s happened… Went over a speed bump and the cambelt snapped. No motorway losses so far… Onwards to the Alps!

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