Dumball 2020 Limited Places Available.

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Dumball 2020: Limited Places Available.

The world’s premiere fancy dress banger rally is back. The 2020 event, which takes place 18th-27th January 2020 will be going beyond the wall…to Mexico! All to fund much needed support for teenagers with cancer.

Book your spot from 1st April, get yourself a return flight to Mexico City to be there for midday on Saturday 18th Jan… and we will look after you from start to finish! A classic VW Beetle (fully insured and ready for you to decorate it) amazing accommodation, lots of fun parties, and the madcap vibe we are famous for…

Own A Classic Mexican VW Bug!

In 2020 your entry fee covers the cost of your very own Mexican VW Beetle…yes the old classic. You and your team mates will have half a day in Mexico City to decorate it, while the Marache band play… so start thinking of your fancy dress theme now!

On 19th January 2020 our cavalcade of madness will leave Mexico City: heading via jungle, mountains and the sandy Pacific coast…. to Acapulco. There we will go ‘loco’ before heading back to the southern edge of Mexico City where our organisers will buy the car back from you, you can sell your car to a local, or make arrangements to ship it home :-).

The Route

Get ready to crank your engine! On this new edition of the Dumball, we will be taking you on a 3,000+ kms adventure across sunny Mexico. Dumball’s 2020 event will put you behind the wheel of your very own vintage VW for a memorable 8-day road trip that will have you discover some of Mexico’s colonial cities and towns before crossing the Sierra Madre mountain until you reach the tealcolored waters of the Pacific. Our epic journey will have you witness and experience the incredible diversity of landscapes from pine forests to rocky mountain roads, from tropical forests to beautiful sandy beaches where you’ll be able to relax, mingle with locals and other participants or simply work on your tan!

Sunday 19thMexico City – Morelia: 300+Kms.  The journey starts with a drive through the outskirts of one of the biggest cities on the planet followed by a climb into the mountains North of Mexico City.

Monday 20th Morelia – Chapala: 400 kms of bendy country roads through rural Mexico. Underlay, Underlay!

Tuesday 21st Chapala – Puerto Vallarta: 350 kms of tough mountain roads turning into a windy passage into the Mexican jungle.

Wednesday 22nd Puerto Vallarta – Manzanillo; 280 Kms of windy road alongside sandy beaches and the inviting Pacific Ocean.

Thursday 23rd Manzanillo – Zihuatanejo: 450 Kms of coastal road with mountainous sections to challenge your Mexican bangers.

Friday 24th Zihuatanejo – Acapulco: 250 kms of stunning road along the Pacific coast.

Saturday 25th Acapulco – Cuernavaca: 300 Kms Highway with stop in Cuernavaca, the lush capital of Mexico’s Morelos state.

Sunday 26th Cuernavaca – Mexico City 80kms Party time- grand dinner and awards ceremony

Monday 27th We leave you here. Stay for longer if you like, or drive home in your new car!

Team Packages

For the whole package including your very own old Mexican banger (which will belong to you!), insurance, bed and breakfast accommodation in 3-4 star hotels, car stickers, walkie hire, and the occasional all inclusive party… it costs as follows.

TEAM OF 2: £3,550 (£1775 per person)
TEAM OF 3: £4,450 (about £1480 per person )
TEAM OF 4: £5,250 (about £1300 per person)

NOTE- you will get CASHBACK for your VW BEATLE should you decide to sell it back to us at the end of the rally. It will be worth a maximum value of $1000.

Find out more and purchase a place HERE

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