Dumball 5: The Godfather – All You Need to Know (well…some of it)

Many of you have been e-mailing HQ with a host of questions about our upcoming adventure, so we thought it might be a good idea to post some of the answers to the most pressing questions.

Q) Where do I book flights back from?
A) The dumball is finishing in Palermo. There are many options when it comes to flying home – check out the forum, where people have been discussing routes.

Q) Can I add another person to my team?
A) Sorry it’s now too late for that – accommodation is booked

Q) Where are our fund-raising packs?
A) Right now? Sat in front of us, here at DHQ – about to wing their merry way to you!

Q) I want my significant other to come to the awards ceremony in Palermo…is that OK?
A) Yes of course. tickets are 40 euros, which includes a meal and some bubbly. If you want to book a room at the hotel we’ll all be staying at, get in touch with rick@dumball.org

Q) How can I contain my excitement?
A) Try drinking a cup of tea – or taking a cold shower

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