Dumball 2009

Dumball One fails to complete…

Well, well, well. This is Gareth. We’re not quite sure what he does, but he’s british and ‘crosses the Russian border quite a lot’.

About 50 miles from the border, he’s told us we definately won’t be getting in with no V5, in fact we might have problems getting out of Estonia… So Gareth’s got himself a new (ish) Shogun and Dumball One is officially out of the (metaphorical) race. We’d been discussing various stratagies and so were more than ready to ditch it but Gareth hadn’t and thought we were joking when we just gifted him a car.

And now we’re just arriving at the border so it’s time for some limbo limbo…

2 thoughts on “Dumball One fails to complete…

  1. go gareth!!!!!
    hi dumball its hinton – co-winner of best dressed competiton last dumball

    i think you could have got more in mannsaft if you took off all your clothes

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