Dumball 2017

Dumball’s over, another year old…

Who knew the desert was so chuffing cold?

Oh I…..
I wanna Dumball in India…

So Dumball 2017 draws to a close in spectacular style. An amazing awards ceremony by the beach, fire dancers and then partying on the beach until the small hours.

The monkey arrived! It has to be the world’s most travelled coconut monkey, despite spending the last 12 months in stasis in an Indian jail. It’s been all through Europe many times, visited the gateway to the middle East and made it’s way through the corner Russia. All while carrying her baby with a disco ball for a head, and a highly explicit porno card tucked inside it. And now it’s going home with David Nichols – one of the oldest Dumballers ever, he did the entire drive himself and now has the dubious honour of being required to take the monkey home, keep a little news journal and bring it back next year.

Krish progressed from the Most Stressed award to the Most Relaxed. He’s blossomed into our man in the know, the man who can and he’s desperate to do it again next year. What a legend.

So that’s it. Dumball One finally have a chance to get in the pool today. People have started drifting off. The sun is shining. DHQ, over and out x

3 thoughts on “Dumball’s over, another year old…

  1. Luke one joyous drive ,I have never met such a joyous group of great people in my life before, I just hope that that we are still doing it when we are 80,
    We had a great squadron thank you White Squadron we have made 130 true friends and will be back next year how about Mexico in Beetles lots of them down there all worth nothing more than £200 each.
    Great blog Luke thank you one and all we now have a Bullet for a week and are off down south.
    Ann andDavidNicholls
    Love you all Dumballers

  2. Luke,
    We stayed on in Goa for eight days to drift around on the Enfields. We arrived home a fortnight ago and now the dust has settled, we have had time to reflect, WOW.

    We had no preconceived ideas as to what to expect. From the minute we arrived in Jodhpur we met a group of enthusiastic like minded people who made us welcome.
    Our own squadron ( WHITE,) of whom we only knew two, took us under their wing and supported us all the way, through blow outs, accidents, ( glad we had that briefing on the way to deal with it at the scene, no need for the man with the moustache.) £7 wasn’t a bad deal for a bus wing and headlight.) Even Dheli belly, all four days of it but as a team we shared it around. Must remember to take a case of hand sanitiser next time. it only had to see the light of day and it was gone with a group session.
    No-one lost their rag even though it was tiring and you couldn’t believe there was yet another 50 miles to go with darkness descending.
    To meet other squadrons blasting past your chai stop with waves and smiles was a joy to see.

    Our squadron appeared to have surpassed themselves with the WELSH LEGENDS riding trail at the rear for the whole trip, a sound system with Tom Jones and Delilah belting out what more could a guy from Cardiff want? Becca and Lottie appearing in their twenties outfits in the most Random of places lifted our spirits with their enthusiasm.

    As for CHELSEA, Steve, Sam and Anita who brought 100 deflated footballs, pumping them up and kicking them out to passing kids it was great to see the smiles on the children’s faces.

    I could go through the rest of the squadron who were all supportive to Ann and myself ( Bonnie and Clyde,) Thank you.

    Needless to say as to what it was all about raising money for TEENAGE CANCER TRUST, I must admit feeling completely choked when listening to COLIN and how he started with ADAM. Thank you for drawing us into the greatest gathering of really good people we have been involved with ever, we had a blast.

    We hope we get invited next year wherever.

    Dumball one, you guys are beyond compare for your organisational abilities , how on earth do you do it? Well done.

    As for Monkey, well he has now experienced snow which was a shock to him coming directly from the heat of Goa, he’s been for a ride on a Harley Davidson, ( he’s now in therapy for that one,) We hope to have a reunion lunch at a vineyard in Alfriston where Mark from our squadron works, perhaps he’ll get to sit at the top table?

    Anyway a big thank you one and all

    ( David and Ann Nicholls.)

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