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Dumball’s over, another year old…
Who knew the desert was so chuffing cold? Oh I….. I wanna Dumball in India… So Dumball 2017 draws to
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One last day of admin…
Just cos the drive’s over, doesn’t the Fun stops for Dumball One – it’s time to collect the walkies, return
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Dumball Done
We have arrived. Blue arrived last, Dumball One is still to arrive, but the people are all here. Late, tired,
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Sling day
Don’t worry, of the 3 members of the Fun Police with their arms in slings, at least one of them
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On the last day!
Dumball One is down. Repeat, Dumball One is down. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time we’ve heard those fateful words,
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Friends reunited
Today’s challenge is to pick up a hippy hitch hiker. Done by 8:30am!
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