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Dumball One fails to complete…
Well, well, well. This is Gareth. We’re not quite sure what he does, but he’s british and ‘crosses the Russian
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The word on the street is that Dumball One is in Estonia. They may already be in Tallinn by now,
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Tallinn is level with Inverness…
Contrary to most Dumballs, we’re heading ever north… So: Riga. Big plush hotel right in the centre of town (which
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Estonia, and we have data again!
Latvia was bad for data signal for me. You might have noticed from the lack of positioning updates. However, we
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They never though it would work.
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You have to make your own fun in Lith…
…uania (there’s a limit on the subject length on this phone). So as expected, Kaunas late on a monday night
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