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The beemer is no more!
Oh dear what can the matter be? A leaking radiator thats what. Luckily for us ros has a cousin who
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This is Dumballing at its best.
Meet Ros’s cousin. That him in the doorway surrounded by excited Dumballers. Let me explain… Despite us cracking at least
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So, we’re on the road with white squadron. We’ve just passed Odense which is approximately 1/3 of the way to
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Denmark, but on bacon 🙁
Åbringstider om bord! It seems the last message didn’t get out before we left port. Nevermind. We’re on a massive
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How civilised.
A quick last post while we’re still in Harwich port. There might be a few less when it’s not free…
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Morning hijinks
We’re awake, 3 hours from docking and Rick and Nick are throwing sweets at the crowd. Yes, dumball is odd
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