Dumball 2017

Ellora caves – planned fun

A day if two halves today- most of our squad did a u-turn and headed back to the caves which was well worth it. Exquisitely detailed, but on a vast scale, we only saw a small portion of a few of the many caves. Stretched over many miles, and with a similar set at the Ajunta caves 100 miles away, the caves were a mammoth undertaking, carved over hundreds of years by generations of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain monks. Stunning.

Now back on the road, there’s a packed schedule of infotainment planned. We’re just had “Tips for talking on your walkie-talkie while walking with Nicholas Graham Geary”, coming up we’ve got “Tara’s Tantalising Tarot Time” and later on we have a perennial favorite with a new twist, “Love Rhombus: my ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend is my girlfriend’s ex-girlfriend; a post-matrimonial perspective”.

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