Dumball 2016

Getting the cars

So, a bit more info on what happened yesterday. By the time we’d got everyone through airport add back to the hotel it was 10 and breakfast was just finishing, so we thought it best to grab something while we could. And oh my last Jesus, what a breakfast. Pastries and cheese from around the world, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, the full English, the egg station cooking benedict and egg white omelettes and fresh fruit cut to order. Not to mention, of course, the local dosas, pathrartas, curries and dhals. The Leela Palace immediately started living up to it’s name.

We had to be out by 12 to get everyone registered go and get the cars. This meant a lot people didn’t get a chance to get a lot of rest after the long flight, but the best way to get over the jetlag is to just power on through the first day, so all’s good.

Registration, and divying up the walkies, stickers, manuals etc went surprisingly well on no sleep thanks to Intersight and the hotel. And then onto the cars…

We headed down to the local YMCA showground to pick then up (very handy for dumball one’s theme…) and were greeted by some incredible local dancers, drummers, peacock dancers and Indian screechy clarineters.

The cars were all lined up and keys were picked at random… and the decorating began. Cars varied wildly- one had a flat screen DVD player! Whereas our has no handbrake… Lovely curtains on the back though! Pics of the cars with filter through over the next few days, but look out for Pub Crawl 2 Goa and their mobile country pub, Fab 4 and their excellent yellow submarine and our own Lost Khakis and their massively mapped motor. And many many more, including the Dumball Van support vehicle!

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