How to raise £2000….

Hello dumballers.

For the first of our Dumball 6 blogs I thought I’d address the fact that this year we have set every team the target of raising £2000. Now we know this won’t be easy…but we also know that it is 100% possible. Why? Because dumball one does it every year – and we are a measly team of two.

You just have to ask yourself these questions? 1) Do you WANT to raise £2000? 2) Do you have over 50 friends on facebook who you know quite well?

If you’re not on facebook don’t worry, the principle is the same. I refer you to one of my blogs in 2010 where I discovered the magic of sending PERSONALISED messages to friends  -we all know they don’t respond to mass messaging. Invest a couple of hours of your time writing bespoke pleas for money, and abracadabra  – You’ve hit the target.

And if you need more reason to raise the required amount…think this. All things said and done your team will have spent over £2000 having the week of your life. You could of just stayed at home and given away that money – but then your not that nice are you? So to redress the balance of the Universe – raise the cash you’re going to spend. Lets make the rally “selfish fun neutral”

Remember – anything is possible!

THE 2010 BLOG:

On Friday afternoon, I was sat at work, and I looked at our miserbale funraising total – just £220. Now as we all know this year we have set the dumball a ridiculous challenge – for all of us to try and raise £1000 (each!). Other charity rallys have done it – and we want to be one of the best, so we thought, why not?

Now I must admit it was highly embrassing to look at our page, with such a low amount, this close to the dumball. And so I decided to take our own advice. I sat down, logged onto facebook, and sent 50 tailor made messages to friends, family, acquaintances, and people that I just happen to be mates with on facebook (you know the sort). It took me about an hour, but it was well worth it. By the end of the day I had raised an extra £650. Now we’re talking…and it was so easy! I just said hello, asked how they were doing, added some comments specific to them, then hit them with it: I’m targeting 50 of the most generous people I know, and asking them all for £20. But here’s the best bit…some gave £30, some £50…some £100! Amazing. I urge you all to give this a try, if you haven’t, your not making life easy on yourself – it was so simple.

The target we have set ourselves is ridiculously high – but everyone has hundreds of friends on facebook – so lets tap them up for cash…and it’s a great way to catch up with people!



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