It all started with a game of volley ball…

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Now, contrary to the last post, this sort of thing is exactly the reason we go the long way round. We were, truth be told, a little off course and were looking for somewhere to turn round when we spotted the volley ball court. A dumball standard.

So we all bundled out and started knocking the ball around with local kids. Meanwhile the local men shined up a tree and knocked a few coconuts down, made a hole so we could drink the juice and then chopped up the flesh for our munching pleasure. Delicious! And they wouldn’t accept a penny for it.

And the everything went bonkers! The while village turned out for a game of chase, some people were invited into someone’s house for a look around, a man opened up the village temple and turned on an incredible automatic drum machine and blue squad started applying glitter to the kids and giving out bubbles.

All in all, a spectacular accidental stop, and the sort of thing that makes dimballing such a fun and worthwhile experience.

That was many hours ago now, we’re currently up a mountain again surrounded by stunning jungle, 3 or 4 hours out of Mangalore…

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