It appears we have been out dumballed…

The yellow squad took things to another level at the BULGARIAN (it’s on our Romainian destination day, but it was definately before the border) monument. Litterally.

In the main lobby, under one of sets of stairs, was a little door. Behind this door, was a dark, dank passage way, blocked at the end by a steel door. Crawl under this and you’ll find another dark passage, and another steel door. At this point, you’ll find that if you turn off the tiny little torch on your phone, it is completely black and their is no possible way back without it, the floor is more corrupted than an Albanian roundabout, there is sharp rusted iron everywhere and nobody outside has a clue where you are.

So at this point I turned back. I regret it now, but it was definately the right thing to do at the time, and I’m sure my next of kin will thank me. I turned back, we took some more photo’s and we pressed on the Romainian border (surprisingly very little to it- now in the EU, the bulgarian/romainian  border is little more than a toll bridge and vignette purchasing affair.

Meanwhile, the brave yellows pressed on and found the ladder to the top of tower. 40 minutes of clinging to the ladder later, in flipflops no less, they emerged vicorious at the top, behind the glass star, and on top of the world.

Kudos guys.

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