It happened!

Finally, on the last day of dumball, half way through the award ceremony party and shortly before the actual ceremony final began, all three lego space police came together (oh er) in a spectacular display of foam and Dave’s hand craft.

We have in fact just got third place for the dame edna award for fancy dress! We would have won first place hands down had we actually worn them a little more often (i reckon anyway!)

4 thoughts on “It happened!

  1. As I was running the awards presentation I don’t have any photos of the awards being received but I do have some challenge pics and photos of the reasons why people won so I will blog those in due course.

    Of course, although the dumball official finished about 18 hours ago, one or two things have ‘come up’ today which have required our atention…

  2. Nobby Team Spectrum:

    Sudders give us a list of who won what!

    Great Dumball 5, bring on next year, it will take some doing to top this one!

    Thanks guys a life experience.

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