Kosovans treat us like marmite

But they mainly love us. Just met a kosovan who has a car wash in tottenham and offered us a free one next weekend. Excellent.

Downhill all the way from here- after the swedish nato forces waved us off, there was a short battle out of pristina and down to macedonia. More border insurance and it’s time for a lunch break in the middle of nowhere.

I don’t think this random cafe was expecting 20 ‘ballers to turn up unannounced and have just popped to the shop to get some more chicken…

One thought on “Kosovans treat us like marmite

  1. I sow you in Veles Macedonia,I told you where to lunch on that parking.Now I found out who you really are and I think you are great 🙂

    Have a Nice Trip!

    ~ Darko

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