Nearly there…

Back on the road, this half of dumball one is riding with fun house in yellow squad today.

Bucharest is fine fine party town and our hotel was probably dumball’s best. Efficient, friendly reception, excellent (ish) restaurant, dressing gowns and slippers and if they said they would put an extra bed in your room and pick someone up from the airport at 5am, they did.

As we could have probably expected, the club which wasn’t built when we booked it wasn’t finished when we arrived, but there are plenty of others to choose from and we had a grand time at the ‘vintage bar’.

Some squads had had a bit of a ‘mare trying to find the monument and fixing cars and didn’t arrive until 1 am, others didn’t find climbing the tower such a great feat- they had to wait 3 hours at the bottom when those who did vanished inside it.

On that note- car update. Adventure headgear had a show blow out, but changed it in record time. Channel 4 news team blew a spark, resident grease monkeys el presidente couldn’t fix it and last I heard they had stopped over somewhere on the muddler of nowhere determined to get it fixed and catch up. There may be others…

Now skirting the Moldovan border, along the flat low lands of the Prut, to our right, Moldova. 100km to the north, the border we are heading for. Let’s hope it doesn’t close at 8pm…

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