Dumball 2016

No such thing as an uneventful day…

A relatively short drive today, passing back out of Tamil Nadu (again) and into Karnataka. A brief stint of 27 hairpin bends on a very hot day did take it’s tool on the cars’ temperatures, but that just meant we had time to stop and admire the view for a bit while they cooled down.

It appears the roads aren’t quite as well maintained in Karnataka… But they do do a bloody good curry, by far the best we’ve had outside a fancy hotel.

But… the roads… are very pot holey. And the suspension in our 1978 mark 3 has seen better days. So after one particularly nasty we realised we had a bit of a dodgy front end wobble and on closer inspection realised we had a broken steering rod. Dumball one down, repeat dumball one down.

But the psychic mechanics were on the scene within minutes with a replacement car they’d just fixed (a bit. You can remove the key and keep driving, so you need to stall it to park, and there’s no reverse, and it’s making some very odd noises), so we moved everything over and got back on the road! DB1 just needs a replacement part, fingers crossed…

Now approaching Mysore, we’ll see if dumball one is back on the road tomorrow!

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