Dumball 2009

Our visas were only valid for one day…

Well, once again most people are back in blighty, nursing week long hangovers and having the Dumball blues at work.

As far as I know, no one is driving back this year (good luck getting through Russia without Rob! Although they’d probably get a ferry straight from Helsinki to Rostock or something if they were), and everyone I spoke to would have left as off about half an hour ago. If anyone is still out there keeping the dream alive do leave a comment!

So congrats to everyone that made it, congrats to Rick and Nick for pulling a tour de force and the incredible feat of getting all safely into and out of Russia, and congrats to those who truly made the Dumball their own, and took everyone along with them for the ride.

These are the winners of the Dumball Awards 2009.

Some people got Spot Prizes – these were awards invented along the way, for those who surprised us, they got t-shirts and medals. The real awards and trophies are highly sought after and contested accolades – stuff of legend amongst Dumball folk.

Spot prize: The Challenge Masters (for taking the most ridiculous photo):

The Festering Welshmen – for filling their tank with nothing but their crackers on.

Spot prize: The On Tour Charity Collectors (for collecting money whilst on the Dumball):

Daisy Does Dumball – they collected £500!

Spot prize – The World’s Most Horrible Team (for relentless twatitude and idiocy):

Frank and Harry from the Rogue Traders

Spot Prize – The Alain Prost Award (for stunt-driving):

The Driver Alan Frost from the Happy Hour Hotrods.

The Grand Master Cash Award (for fundraising):

Large Hardon Collider – they raised £4,500!

The Shitty Shitty Bang Bang Shield (for the first team to lose a car):

The Dukes – they didn’t even make it to Colchester!

The Dame Edna Award (for fancy dress):

Blackbeard’s Delight – they never took it off! (even while sleeping in their car)

The Blind Bat Trophy for (talentless map reading):

Francis Gregory Smalley – current holder of the trophy, he was happy to get it again, but at least this time he really did deserve it!

The Tim Westwood Baseball Cap (for blingin’ you car):

The Putt Pirates – you really could play golf on it!

The Ben Crean Prize for Peace (and International Relations):

Rob Hewitt – we couldn’t have got into Russia without him. Literally.

Ben’s dad flew out to give the award and to remind us all of the great man that was Ben Crean. Very moving – RIP Ben.

Here’s a video of Ben which we wanted to play at the awards ceremony but couldn’t due to technical difficulties… http://youtube.com/watch?v=TA8_yfP8Uzc It features him undertaking one of the challenges on the ’07 Rally.

The Adam Horn Bling Bling Trophy (for simply being cool):

Jake Manning of the Strangelets! For rousing motivational speeches and an astounding ability to chill out (man).

The Adam Horn award was presented by our very own Daddy of the Dumball – someone who really gets it, does a lot of great work for charity (but does like to talk about it) and makes the Dumball a special place to be: Adam’s dad, Mr. Colin Horn himself:

Here’s a video of Adam’s thoughts about the Dumball which we wanted to play at the awards…

And last but in absolutely no way least, the coveted

Spirit of The Dumball Monkey:

This is the highest honour you can receive. It is given to group or individual who shows the most passion, courage, and madness along the way. This year it went to Rob Hewitt for his epic border crossing skills, mean he is the first Dumballer in history to do the Ben Crean/Monkey double. Well done Rob.

If anyone has any video footage of The Monkey’s incredible entrance please comment here or let me know!

So there you have it. An epic Dumball. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading, everyone who came, everyone who donated. Thanks to the Russian border guards who eventually let us into their country – at 5am! Let’s do it all again next year – following the footsteps of our founding fathers…?


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