Pride before a fall…..

Our satnav screen turns blue above 95mph… Dan managed to get the screen to go blue on a lengthy downhill stretch in the hilly bit, shortly after it became clear that tulisa would not be making any more sex tapes as she had seized….. Rather unceremoniously we hooked her up to the rear of justice patrol and in a manoeuvre Dumball1 would have been proud of….. proceeded to overshoot the first available turn off.. The rest of the squadron rejoined us and we cruised to her final resting place at the rear of a petrol station in the middle of nowhere…. On the plus side the petrol station had a bar and hotel at the back too…. So the disappointment was assuaged at least in part… After reducing our luggage to a minimum we managed to squeeze everything into the already bursting at the seams cars, including cases in the lions cage and on the bed! We’re now travelling rather carefully to the hotel to drown our sorrows and raise a glass to Tulisa, she smelled a bit, had had seen lots of action, loads of men had had a good ride in her but she was still our good old tulisa and we’ll miss her. A Ragin Horn has never failed to finish a dumball so the experience for us will now be entirely new… One life, Live it……

#dumball #wheresthebar

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