Dumball 2009

Raging Horn…. a tale of two sides

Here is the horn at the car park in Colchester one Friday…
Today the drive into Lithuania was ‘interesting’ not least for the Happy hour hot rods who, having driven meticulously across Poland and with aplomb over some of the least well made roads anywhere in Eastern Europe, decided just a short drive from the hotel, to park it in a ditch! some custom bodywork and a chat with a local policeman later and we are another car down.
So, having waited near a ditch for a good while for the local authorities to sign the necessary papers, we arrived around midnight at the hotel in Kaunas where fellow dumballers had thankfully found the only restaurant open, bribed the waitress to stay open for a another hour to allow us to have a beer and a very welcome pizza after a 13 hour drive! all is well!
jbub x

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