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Sarajevo by sundown?

Spoiler alert: we didn’t make it (by sundown). After 15 hours on the road Orange Squad rolled in about midnight, bringing up the rear. This was our first major border – exiting the EU, most people’s insurance is no longer valid and even those with green cards were forced to buy insurance. A pleasure to do so with the lovely insurance lady at the border, chatting away to everyone, so excited to see all the cars.

It was a proper Dumball day, starting in Austria, crossing into Slovenia for what should have been a simple traverse, which Oranges complicated by popping into ljubljana to see an old friend and complete our ‘your squad in a local’s’ house challenge.

Next up was Croatia, in the EU but outside Schengen so we had our passports checked for the first time since the Euro tunnel. There we added another couple of hours to the total by heading for the spectacular monument to the revolution hidden deep in the mountainous forest.

Bosnia is, of course, classically bonkers and incredibly beautiful… And we’ve just bumped into red and blue at a bizarre pool bar in the middle of nowhere!

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