Dumball 2009

Some things that happen on the Estonian/Russian border

I’m sat outside the hotel back in Tallinn, after our aborted Russian border crossing attempt. After 10 hours of waiting around it seems that the Estonians weren’t happy with our V5 ‘New Keepers Supplement’ and wouldn’t let us attempt the Russian border at all. So, we were turned away and had to head the 200 kilometres back to Tallinn.

We hooked up with Raging Horn, The Large Hardon Colliders and the Strangelets to make the journey back to the same hotel that we had left that morning. We finally got back here at 4am and just collapsed onto our beds.

However, we’re very philosophical about it. In some ways it’s been a fun part of the adventure. We always knew it would be a risk to try to get over the border with limited documentation and in this instance the gamble didn’t pay off. However, we did see true Dumball fashion in the holding area with everyone inventing games to keep their spirits high. We also learned a limited amount of Estonian! Apparently ‘wah wah wah’ means that 5-6 cars can move off, and ‘wah wah wah, wah wah wah’ means that 6 lorries can move off. I’m almost feeling multilingual!

Our plan for today is to find the ferry port (which shouldn’t be a problem because I think it’s about 500 metres down the road), and get ourselves onto a ferry to Helsinki. I reckon we’ll be arriving there far before the Dumball do – apparently they didn’t hit St Petersburg until around 5-6am local time, so just enough time to check into the hotel to have breakfast, then check out!

I’ll leave you with a link to some of the frivolity that was occurring in the holding area. We decided that it would be an interesting ‘scientific experiment’ to try to determing exactly how many people we could fit inside the Manshaft car. Here are the results:


(it may take a few minutes for Google to finish processing it. be patient if it’s unavailable :))

The answer: 24, it seems.

Love to all reading. We’ll update later.


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