Dumball 2009

Tallinn is level with Inverness…

Contrary to most Dumballs, we’re heading ever north…

So: Riga. Big plush hotel right in the centre of town (which was very pretty btw. Lots of people want to come back so they see the assorted statues and sculptures while not in a car). We arrived mercifully early and although it got pretty nippy later the sun was out so we congregated on the square and got stuck in.

Hilarity obviously ensued. We played a few games of lemon and introduced Latvia to the Dumball and its SPS ways. We even played a few rounds with a wizard who could make strange noises but disappointingly he didn’t disappear in a puff me smoke at the end. And the keys to got rod were ceremonious dumped in a pint.

Later, a few cocktails were imbibed and we headed for Roxy nightclub for some podium fever, although only pretty ladies were allowed to ride them. How sexist.

And then on to Estonia. As expected, the police are out in force here, and we all got breathalysed at the border- and all passed with flying colours of course. I’m riding with the red squad today, i might even jump in with the legendary mystery machine in a bit. Losing your car isn’t so bad really.

…and it transpires we may also be losing Dumball One soon- the police want to see their V5, which is currently being fedexed to Tallinn…

But the Shevils are back! At least they were seen this morning- don’t know if their car made it.

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