The Dumball Awards 2010

So, a couple of days later and we’ve all finally had a few minutes sleep, been back to work and seen our doting families. One thing they’re all asking for: the results.

Now, we all know that the dumball is not a race. But that does not mean that there are not prizes to be had. Our awards ceremony the year was held at the spectacular Sea Club (sorry about their awful all flash website) a very nice venue, tucked away in a private little bay on the northern coast of Sicily near Palermo. We arrived to set up a little late (of course) and found that our contact wasn’t around. No one spoke much English, nothing was ready and a big storm was brewing out at sea. An ominous beginning for a club which doesn’t really do weather.

Now I’m back at a PC with a proper internet connection I can be a little more generous with the pics, so here’s a little taste of Sea Club:

See that sunset? That developed into something magical over the next hour, the weather cleared up, the DJs and food arrived, the projector, massive screen and projector on the roof of the building were set up and things started slotting into place. Unfortunately the coaches bringing the rest of the dumball in missed their cue and they all arrived in the dark, but hey – it was there. So – onto the awards.

The Awards 2010

First up we had an update on the fundraising – this year 87 poeple have raised over £58,000, bring the dumball running total to over £180,000. Awesome. Individual teams’ totals varied, but the team that did the most this year was:

The Bandit held a mini music festival as a fundraiser for TCT, getting 13 bands to play and raising over 3 grand, bring their grand total to £3544.90. Well done them.

One of the main reason we raise money for the TCT is our friend Adam Horn who came with us in 2007 and sadly lost his battle with cancer the next year. He was a pretty cool bloke. And we have an award in his honour:

Danny Mains took home the gold this year, for growing a moustace just for the dumball and generally being a f**king cool bloke. Here he is telling some locals how cool he is.

A new award for 2010:

The Femmes Fatels took this one home for making the inside of their car look great just by being there.

Our poorest award normally goes to the team who’s car breaks down first – but we altered it slightly this year to acknowledge the fact that one man was driving 2 cars when they expired. He did the double!

THE SHITTY SHITTY BANG BANG SHIELD for breaking down first
Went to Tom Perry for his car destroying skills – one breakdown, one accident. Poor show Tom! 😉

One of the most prestigious awards next:

THE TIM WESTWOOD BASEBALL CAP for pimping your car
A hands down winner this year Lloyd and El Lunartics in their Mexican Space Shuttle, complete with smoke machine, glowing thrusters and the all important Thyristor controller.

A special prize this year for a regular dumballer who went a little bit extra this year:

THE MILES ‘N’ MILES AWARD for going the extra distance.

Tom Horn took this home – he flew out of Macedonia on Thurday for a wedding in blighty on Friday only to return to the dumball on Saturday to complete it as if nothing had happened. That’s dedication. And as you can see, he’s pretty dedicated to having a good time too:

Back to the traditional awards:

THE DAME EDNA AWARD for fancy dress
And the winner is… The Catania Car-dinals for the variety, commitment and sheer balls of wearing cheer leaders outfits at some rather macho borders.

THE BLIND BAT AWARD for lack of navigational skills
Despite planning this whole week, and leading the squad that generally led the rest, Dumball One AKA Top Dum pulled off a controversial ‘victory’ this year and picked up the Blind Bat gong. They had a unique skill of waiting until they were in a 20 car squad, and then deciding to go down the dead end, so the entire lot had to reverse. Oh, that and heading for a closed Kosovan border.

Another spot prize next:

BEST NEWCOMERS for being new and good

The Spirit of Austerity were awarded best newcomers for ‘getting it’, always up for a laugh, driving a shit car and most importantly, persuading a bride to get on the bonnet of their car, ruining her dress in the process:

Every year on the dumball, we ask people to have fun along the way and take some good photos. Now, in case anyone is stuck for inspiration, we set a few chanllenges as well, and want photo graphic evidence of completion:

THE CHALLENGE MASTERS for getting the best challenge photo
Amongst tough competition (we had a shortlist of 9 instead of 5), Raging Horn II pulled it off with the beautiful shot. The poor kid didn’t know the dumball was coming to town that day, but it got involved anyone, putting on it’s best ‘pretending to be crying’ face, just for the shot.

Ben Crean is another honorable dumballer who has sadly passed on, but lives on in the form of a mighty dumball award:

THE BEN CREAN PRIZE FOR PEACE for international relations
Back with another magnificent sheep car, but one which made it all the way this year, Ewe Turn brought joy and laughter wherever they went. Even if the tongue does get in the way of their windscreen wipers.

And onto the big one. There is a thing… carved out of a coconut…

THE SPIRIT OF DUMBALL MONKEY for showing bravery, stupidity and greatness in the face of tarmac.
What Blow The Doors Off did this year to win the monkey was quite funny – they removed the doors of their Mercedes 300. But what elevated it to monkey status was probably unintentional – they drove 150 miles along the Sicilian coast road though one of the biggest downpours we’ve even seen, with nothing but boiler suits to protect them from the elements. I would have loved to have seen them arrive at the swanky Geonardo Park, sodden and shivering. Good work lads – check out their handy work below.

And there you go! 2010 – Done.

A massive thank you to all the dumballers that came along and were dumb enough to keep us entertained, all those who couldn’t make it followed us from a far, the Dumball Commitee for all their hard work, and of course, our glorious leaders:

Rick ‘n’ Nick
We couldn’t do it without out you, and once again you’ve pulled off a very special week and made a lot of people very happy. Cheers guys.

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  1. Ace. Sounds, and looks, like it was a real classic this year, and thanks to everyone for raising such a lot of dosh for such a good cause – I know that’s the only reason you were doing it, nothing to do with having a good time! But how are you going to top it in 2011?!?

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