Dumball 2009

The ‘Finnish’ Line!

Hotel lobby of the Radisson SAS ‘Seaside’ hotel.

It appears that everyone is now here. I’m not expecting some of our teams to surface for a good few hours as they didn’t get into the hotel until 5am-ish.

Spirits at breakfast are high. At some point we’re supposed to hand in our voting forms for the various awards. However, it seems that whilst I was in charge of handing them out and gettnig them put into each of the room welcome packs, I omitted to get one myself. Ah well, I doubt my vote will count much 😉

We decided last night that one of the best candidates for the Practical Joker award is the Estonian government – primarily for building the least interesting car park in all of history. However, there may be other contenders so the awards ceremony tonight will be interesting.

Our plan for today is to clear the car out, and perhaps get in contact with the recycling centre to see what time we can bring it in tomorrow. Our flight is apparently at 2pm, so we should be in Blighty later tomorrow afternoon. From there, we need to figure out how we’re getting back from Gatwick 🙂


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