This is Dumballing at its best.

Meet Ros’s cousin. That him in the doorway surrounded by excited Dumballers. Let me explain…

Despite us cracking at least 4 eggs into the radiator, The Ladies Of The Night’s lovely beemer just wasn’t holding any water and overheated and lost power pretty much as soon as we got off the ferry. We’re on a tight schedule today and didn’t have time to dick about trying to fix it. And we’ve got no Whelan to wave his magic spanner over it this year. So, it was quickly decided to ditch it and move on. But where?

We had a towrope in the hotrod, we set off looking for a friendly garage or something. Google wasn’t overly helpful and directed us to some sort of caravan showroom/farm in the middle of nowhere. They didn’t want it. Or they didn’t understand- either way we had to move on.

At this point Ros saw a sign and piped up: “Oh, Holsted. My cousin lives there.” So a few calls where made and we popped round a rather confused and suprised Stephen’s house. He and Christopher led our beleagured little convoy of 4 (the rest having gone on ahead) to his father-in-law Hans’ farm. There the Dumball machine kicked in- the stereo was ripped out, luggage transfered and the V5 signed. We’re back on the road!

So i now know why farmers’ fields are full of old vehicles. And thanks again to Stephen, Christopher and Hans!

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