Wait a minute…

That’s not a dumballer! It’s nice to see that other people paint up an old banger and drive south and east for a laugh! And no, i wasn’t driving when i took this picture, before you ask.

We just saw 2 more! Not quite as beautiful as the dumball of course but we definatly have a banger rally on our hands. Wonder where they’re heading…. And here we have the view from bosnia. Breathtaking scenes all day through the croatian mountains and dalmation- never fails to disappoint. A little disappointed to be driving as it gets dark again, but hardly surprising (and we wouldn’t have got to see that sunset would we?). Just a short ferry across a lake and a couple of hours to go before we have see if the administrative nightmare in budva has been resolved… Oh, and a little thing called the Montenegro border. This is where things start getting fruity…–
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