Dumball 2017

We’re here!


1. We’ve arrived.
All of us. Nearly. Of the 3 missing teams in Delhi, 1 was actually in Mumbai, 1 was actually already on the plane and 1 was, well, actually missing. They (Dumb DMC) called just as the plane was about to take off and we arranged for them to go the long way via Udaipur.

And they’re just arrived! Along with the 3 Amigoas who we knew would be late. Everyone in Mumbai did what they were meant to and arrived smoothly… Except one, who apparently arrived with last year’s Visa. They’ve made a sorry return to the UK, but plan to join us later.

2. We’ve sorted.
Dishing out forms, hats, batteries, manuals, stickers, walkies, lanyards, and t-shirts to 130 people takes a surprising amount of time and (dis)organisation. But it’s done now and we are all ready to goa get some jeeps tomorrow.

3. We’ve partied!
Once the admin was out the way, there was a bit of time for a small shindig. Involving all the hotel staff of course.

4. It’s cold!
We’re in the desert, and just cos deserts are dry, doesn’t mean they are hot. It is during the day here, but it’s still January and the temperature drops pretty rapidly after dark. And we’re camping right in the heart of it tomorrow….

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