We’re made it to Morocco!

One car didn’t make it as far as the ferry this morning, so another stayed behind to help sort things out, but other than that we all crossed safely to a brand new (for us) continent and are currently cruising in a 20ish car convey and should shortly be arriving at our plush abode in Casablanca.

On that note, it might be useful to see where we are with the cars.

Steve and Hod’s Independent Traders: ran out of money and never showed up.

Pubic Enemy: blocked fuel injectors before the start – automatic shitty shitty bang bang shield.

For one night only: eponymous breakdown in Spain.

Ragin’ Horn: ‘seized’ after a unfortunate downhill ragging.

Team Asbo: ‘overheated’ (?) on the way to the ferry this morning and never recovered.

Which leaves us with 23 cars rolling, I think. We haven’t heard from the non-rainbow squadron cars for a while but I’m sure we would have if they had had any more problem.

So… We’re in Africa! Haven’t seen any elephants yet.

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