Dumball 2009

You have to make your own fun in Lith…

…uania (there’s a limit on the subject length on this phone).

So as expected, Kaunas late on a monday night wasn’t up to much, but as every we encouraged, cajoled and bribed a few bars to stay open for us. DITT completed a few challenges and got a few locals involved in the process, instigating the inaugural international subway dash: street rules edition.

And disaster struck for many teams!

1. The hot rods- my team- have lost the sierra! I wasn’t in the car at the time, so i’m not quite sure what happened but they pulled over to let some cars by we just couldn’t get it started again! A sad loss.

2. The rouge traders fixed their exhaust. Now this may not sound too bad, but the sound me a 4 litre range rover with no silencing at all was nothing short of incredible. It was like a top fuel dragster shouting through a megaphone, and i’ll certainly miss it. I’m sure those actuall in the car will be glad to have their ears back though.

3. The Shevil Kenevil’s have an unspecified problem with their car and have decided to stay in poland to get it fixed and then catch up. Whether this is a wise stratagy remains to be seen… You’ll know as soon as i do. And i can be bothered to blog.

4. And last and most certainly least, Frank Smalley and his ‘A-Team’ have put in a strong performance for the blind bat award- after leaving Sopot, a few miles from Gdansk, and driving for about 3 hours smalley’s crack team of escaped military prisoners arrived on the outskirts of… Gdansk. Oh how i would have loved to have seen his cheeky grin turn to the angry visage of a short essex man.

And i’m sure there’s plenty of news from other teams, but not always time to speak to 100 people.

We’re now eating up the flat lithuanian miles looking for a log cabin by a river where we can grab a laté…

2 thoughts on “You have to make your own fun in Lith…

  1. Details a bit incorrect there, Sudders — it was the Daisy Does Dumball girls who got stuck in Poland over night! The Sheevils, meanwhile, saw our glorious Audi 80 conk out just as we pulled into Riga the following day…

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