Dumball Your Way!

The deal is this. You pay from £1000 per person. You can choose a car package where you get a classic VW Beetle motor car, fully insured, that’s yours to own and keep. You can sell it at the end and pocket the money, or give the proceeds to charity. Or you can 'Bring Your Own Car' for a cheaper team price. Both packages include 9 nights top accommodation in 4 or 5 star hotels. Breakfast, plus the odd dinner and drinks are included. We provide mechanical support (you don't need to know ANYTHING about cars to dumball) stickers to adorn your car, t-shirts, loan of a radio so you can communicate with your fellow dumballers, plus the chance to win a monkey that is carved out of a coconut. A bloody coconut. You just need to get yourself to Mexico City and cover your lunch, dinner and petrol costs...and we ensure you have the BEST week of your entire life.