Do you provide breakdown support?

No. Aside from providing moral support from the other end of the phone, and trying to help you work out how to fix your motor (or ditch it) by buying a car for £500, you and your team mates are playing the dumball lottery – and most of the time you lose. Having said that, the reason we stick together in convoys is so that when this inevitably happens: we can help each other out!


What does my entry fee include?

Everything you need to dumball (apart from your car!) from the opening party through to the closing ceremony. That’s 9 nights bed and breakfast accommodation, Eurostar, ferries, entry to our parties, walkie talkies, t-shirts, car stickers, drivers manual, fundraising packs….


What do I have to buy on top of my entry fee?

Your team will need to buy a car for less than £500, and make sure it is insured and has a valid MOT. You will need to buy your own flights home. You cover petrol, lunches, dinners.


What paperwork do I need to bring?

Passports. The V5 for your vehicle (proof of ownership). Insurance documents that cover you for Europe.


I can’t get insurance for countries outside the EU..help!

Do not fear. In some non EU countries (Kosovo for example) where you cannot get insurance in the UK you can ALWAYS purchase short term insurance on the border crossing. Make sure you are carrying Euros at all times for this.


How do I dispose of my car?

We will provide you with details of a scrapyard that will take the car from you, there may be a fee for this service. We recommend you try and sell/give away the vehicle on arrival as that is always much more fun. Good Luck!


How is the dumball run?

The dumball is volunteer-led, non-profit company, limited by guarantee, registered in the UK. All the organisers, directors and committee members are volunteers. We spend 100% of your money on booking accomodation, transport and events related to the dumball, and on running costs like the website. No profit, salary or dividends are taken by anyone; any surplus (there rarely is any) is re-invested in the next event or donated to charity. The aim of the organisation is to raise money for charity, and help others to do so.

See our blog post from the end of dumball 2018 on Why we do what we do, including a message from the CEO of Teenage Cancer Trust.

Vounteer manager Rebecca Tully had a few words on volunteering dumball style too.

Zapier.com help us run the back-end – they provide a free tier for non-profits and we thank them for it here!



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  1. Where and what time is the gathering in London this weekend please?

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