Dumball 2018


Dumball 2018: Nothing compares to EU!

If EU thought it couldn't get better than India, then EU thought wrong.

 It's everything EU could have wished for and more. We promise.

In the words of the great MC himself, EU Can't Touch This.

Still Cl-EU-less?! EU must have got it by now...


That's right! We're taking the Dumball back to its roots and heading to Canada! Jokes.

Of course we are taking our cavalcade of fancy dress madness back to Europe baby! Our own back yard!
And that can only mean one thing...the return of BYOB (Bring Your Own Banger).

Obviously there's nothing DHQ likes more than a pun that just keeps on giving, but that's not the only reason we are heading back over the channel.

Whatever your position on the topic, there's no getting away from the B-word. Yes bananas. Pesky things, rotting all the other fruit in the fruitbowl.


Er, we mean Brexit, obvs! Europe: The Final Countdown truly has begun.


We can't avoid it, and none of us can predict the outcome (least of all the people negotiating it, but we will try to REMAIN unpolitical...) So DHQ thought we had better get another European Dumball under our belts before it becomes virtually impossible to leave 50 clapped out bangers in another EU country without us all getting put in prison.


Of course, not all countries in Europe are in the EU, so we will throw in a few borders with their own special rules, armed guards and the need to buy non-green card car insurance. That's always an adventure in itself...



And what better way to do it than by taking in the snowy Alps, the Croatian coast, Sarajevo, Mostar... the stunning(ly terrifying) mountain passes of Montenegro, the unspoilt land of bonkers Albania, sunny Macedonia and gorgeous Greece - before our final landing point in Greece's very own Love Island - CORFU! (or should we say CorfEU - no, no we shouldn't...). Mark September 2018 as busy in your diaries! Full route reveal, final dates, prices and tickets will be available from 1st September 2017.


 Past Dumballers might recognise the direction of travel, but we say: EU ain't seen nothing yet! Because we are taking the best of the previous European Dumballs and rolling it into one mega, Euro blowout which will thrill everyone, veterans and newbies alike. 10 years on from the seminal route over the Alps, down the Adriatic coast and into the wilds of what once was the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, we're doing it again, and celebrating our second 10th anniversary!

The EUsual (pre-India) rules will apply: you buy your own banger, lovingly pimp it, bring it to Margate for a high octane send-off, then hit the road with just your sense of adventure as part of the crazy fancy-dress fun parade that is the Dumball - we provide EVERYTHING ELSE.

Are EU up for it? Are EU with us?!

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Big European Love, with double air kisses



  1. It’s BYOC (bring your own car)? Is there any assistance available to help potential Dumballers from other continents acquire a vehicle?

    Also… when is it?

    1. Hi Heather – we prefer (BYOB). Due to high international demand, we are looking into a package that includes your own banger… detailed released 1st September along with prices

  2. Thanks! I would be very interested if a “banger on arrival” option exists!!!

    Are we waiting until September for an approximate date to be announced as well?

  3. Gentleman, and ladies, you’ve done it again! Topped the expectations… It’s gonna be amazeballs, as the kids say!

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