This feels familia

Long queue of cars, nobody in charge, everyone trying to get past, not quite clear what’s going on…

Aficionados will recognise the legendary Serbian tunnel incident of ’06. What we had here is similar – they was a digger perched up the embankment tearing the hill apart and rocks tumbling onto the road below. But that’s ok – every now and then they stop, push it out the way and let the traffic through. There’s a massive ‘can do’ in India, so everyone does everything. All the time. However they like. With cows. And trucks.

The people here have been amazing. Everywhere we go, we’ve been greated with wave and cheers, always with a smile. India is fantastic, and has been really good to us. Pushing our boundaries, tingling our taste buds, stimulating every sense and making us question everything.

Like why are we so strict about traffic lights? They’re just a guide, surely. Who needs to close a road just to build and fix it? Just let everyone muddle through and they might learn something along the way. Is constant undertaking such a bad thing? It certainly keeps everyone alert. The harder the problem, the greater the understanding.

The team from Intersight have been great too. Putting on a great show, smoothing the way for us, there when we need them and letting us get on and dumball when we don’t. Thanks for a great week guys, highly recommended. Tomorrow night’s on us at the award ceremony.

As we push on up the coast to our final destination the frequency of palm trees increases and the temperature’s taken it up a notch. Nearly time to Goa…

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