Proper Dumball

So far so good! White squadron arrived last at 10pm yesterday after issues with their Beetles – but their spirits were high after an eventful 11 hours on the road.

As we hit the summit of the rally at 3100 meters the heavens opened and we were caught up in a serious rainstorm with dramatic thunder and lightening to boot! Visibility was poor due to the lack of decent windscreen wipers…

We also lost a car ‘Ambulancia’ somewhere near the national park. Today the team have opted to pay a local mechanic $70 to fix it and catch us up at the next stop.

We stayed in Morelia last night which one a world heritage sight: and it’s beautiful. We didn’t really savour it much though: because after a savage opening day we were all pretty spent!

We spent 2 hours this morning fixing the gremlins and now we are finally getting on the road. One battery fire meant a new battery, some weird looking spark plugs meant new spark plus and some general tuning had been done across the board to get our Beetles purring.

Wish us luck today as we venture forth to Chapala!!

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