Good Morning Ixtapa!

Yesterday was meant to be the simplest day but as always with the Dumball we had problems are plenty especially with the white squad who this year seem to be cursed.

Breakdown after breakdown meant that once again they arrived late in the evening at our destination. However as we get more used to the behaviour of our Beetles, the weather gets better and the scenery stuns us with its beauty: we’re learning to take it all in our stride. Many cars cut out every time we stop, meaning that push starts and quick gear changes are required to avoid catastrophic delays- and as Dumball gears up for this 4th day on the road: we’re starting to look like a well oiled machine.

Dumball 2020 has been a tough mistress: but there have already been unforgettable memories and we’re pretty sure there are some more amazing scrapes down the line.

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