Next stop: Acapulco!

Very little data yesterday so apologies for the radio silence ! Needless to say it was a VERY eventful day.

Where do I start?

our combi van didn’t like engine breaking down e mountains and spat out a spark plug. That lead to a long delay involving several false starts, some dogs, chickens a river and a very happy Mexican who was delighted to hang out with us.

It’s been a Dumball full of eventful breakdowns, but we need the world to know that everywhere we have encountered issues Mexicans have appeared ready to help and unphased by what needs to be done. This is truly a beautiful place full of beautiful roads and beautiful people.

Oh- and the wedding party broke down, so was taken by Victor Sanchez who unfortunately strayed from the advertised route and ended up having dinner with a 100 year old woman and her family as he waited for the mechanics to find him on the motorbike.

more soon!


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