Loco in Acapulco!

Last night we finally arrived in the glamorous seaside resort of Acapulco. The savage hills on the way in meant that we ended up abandoning a total of 4 Beetles. Blue squad were lucky enough to pull up next to a taco stall. 100 pesos later (about £4) the entire squad had gorged on pork, chicken and veggie options with guacamole and a squeeze of lime. MMMMMMM.

3 cars were revived quickly by our mechanics, but sadly- after 3 days of issues the Wedding Party went kaput. The mechanics were heroic in their actions: they attached a tyre to the front of their truck and pushed it for miles, up the steep hills and into the hotel car park. After a quick sale to an interested Beetle lover, she went to Dumball heaven and became the third casualty of the rally.

OR DID IT? Karma is a wonderful thing. At the same time, we received a phone call from a mechanic in Mexico City to say that they’d found the first casualty of the rally (Ambulancia) and that they would deliver it to us at the next stop in Cuernavaca. Result!

If you digest reports (mainly in American media) Acapulco is a lawless town run by the cartels. That may be the case! But I can only describe what we saw, who we met and what what we experienced. This place is beautiful and last night was a proper Mexican party with the stunning vista of Acapulco as it’s back drop. We all felt totally safe and didn’t have any trouble in or around the city. I hope some positive messaging around Mexico (which has a murder rate 5 times lower than the USA) helps others come visit this amazing country!

Next Cuernavaca.

Dumball 2020 is nearly over! 🙁

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