The Rewards


what for? a monkey… carved from a coconut

We don’t need to explain the reward of driving across the entire continent whilst raising money for a good cause. But don’t forget it’s a competition. It’s all about showing off – getting noticed, and becoming legendary amongst your fellow dumballers. The winner gets the heralded monkey – bought for three euros on the first ever dumball, and passed from winner to winner ever since…

the spirit of dumball monkey

This is the highest honour one can receive. It is given to the group who show the most passion, courage and madness along the way. It’s made out of a coconut and mounted on rich mahogany. Mmmmmmmm – you can almost smell it. You know you want it. (If you are still not sure, watch this video)

the ben crean prize for peace

This award is given to the person who displays the most willing to improve “inter-continental relations”, named after the man who made this award his own.

the shitty shitty bang bang shield

This is given to the first person to lose their car. Don’t let it be you…on second thoughts – go on, let it be you.

the dame edna award

Given to the team who dresses up the best, and maintains the level throughout the week. Can you black up as Mr T everyday? This is what we do.

the adam horn bling bling trophy

Awarded to the coolest dumballer of the trip…Named after the late great dumballer Adam Horn himself. Are you too cool for school? Wicked a wicked a whack. (or something like that).

the tim westwood baseball cap

Given to the car with the best paint job. Awarded at the start of the rally, and worn with pride throughout. The baseball cap is blessed by Mr Westwood before it leaves the UK.

the blind bat

For the car that gets hopelessly lost time and time again. The creation of this award gets more creative every year. Last year it was simply a cricket bat. It just doesn’t make sense!





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