We made it to Gdansk in one piece.

Currently sat in the lobby of the hotel waiting to check in (we made it a bit early. This is shaping up to be a very odd Dumball year!)

From White squadron – we might lose a car soon. The other Saab in our group has developed aa ‘rumbling wheel bearing’. The whole trip today was running at 60 mph tops, otherwise there may have been aa fatal accident. Hopefully we’ll be able to find a mechanic this afternoon or tomorrow morning to fix it – Polish style.

News is that we haven’t lost any more cars today! A few others are starting to make some odd noises but I’m sure it’s nothing that we can’t handle 🙂

I’ll leave you for now.. After a 6am start I’m knackered so it’s time to avail myself of the swimming pool and the sauna. A short nap and I’ll be ready for the bus into the city centre at 7pm. The question is, will I last until the coach returns at 3am!?!

Well, Mat is driving tomorrow. I’ll be hanging..


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