Lunch! And drama!

CLASSIC French brasserie with a menu consisting of steak, chevre, and tripe. Literally.

And just when you (I) thought nothing was happening, the dumballing adventure begins… For one night only have proved to be a very aptly named team, as their car has not made it past the second day! However they seem to have made a wise choice of breakdown cover and are having their car shipped back to the UK while they travel on in a hire car…. not sure of that’s going to work in Morocco but we’ll see!

And we’ve just spotted a damsel in distress who needed a hand changing a tyre, which we gladly did in return for her being at the top of our human pyramid. Lovely.

And oh noes! Now we’ve just past thunder balls ho who have had ‘a loud flappy noise’ style problem which had got bad enough for them to pull over on the hard shoulder and have a look. We’ve donated 30 going on 30 to purples for now as they have 3 spare seats and vimto squad were already down to 3 cars, and one of them had gone on ahead.

They’re dropping like flies! I think we may have to rearrange the squads a little bit tomorrow….

And soon I we’ll have to drive the dumball one wagon for the first time for the rest of the day so this is suffers signing off. If you’re a dumballer reading this and tweeting, don’t forget to hash tag #dumball so it goes straight up on the website!

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